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P2 Marketing is uniquely positioned to help trucking, logistics, and transportation companies build websites that accomplish all their marketing & hiring goals. How do we do this? With responsive, secure websites that clearly demonstrate your capabilities.

Your transportation company isn’t like any other. Your website should be just as unique and specialized as you are. Attracting qualified trucking applicants and offering essential services starts with the initial introduction: your website.

A Strong Website Positions You as a Transportation Leader

First impressions are everything. New applicants and new vendors are going to take every touchpoint into consideration. And if your website is clunky, slow-loading, or unattractive, their first impression of your company is not going to be positive. Trucking companies with appealing, accessible websites see greater engagement, traffic, and attention from their target audiences. Google searches are the number one way your audience will find you. Are they going to be pleased with what they find? That first impression can either convince them to read more or click that back button. Which way will your visitors go when they visit your website for the first time?

Better Drivers Build a Better Business

One of the most essential functions of a trucking company’s website is to attract reliable team members. Good help is hard to find these days, so you need to use every possible avenue available to you. Maintaining a transportation website that is simply “good enough” just isn’t good enough these days.

A professional presentation of your company through a high-quality website shows prospective employees that you take your business—and your employees—seriously. It’s one way to help set you apart from getting that applicant to apply to your job over a competitor’s job posting.

A trucking company that pays attention to the details is likely to offer a thoughtful working environment. The easiest way to communicate this idea is with a professional and functional website.

Mobile-First Solutions Increase Visibility

Smartphones have taken over the world. That’s no secret. But what many web design companies get wrong is that they are still designing websites with laptops and PCs in mind. Sure, your website needs to work on a computer, but a mobile-friendly design ensures a great experience for every visitor, no matter where they are or what device they use.

A mobile-friendly website is valued by users as well as Google itself—helping to boost your SEO rankings while also offering a better user experience. This is especially important with over 50% of all web searches being done on mobile devices.

P2 Marketing knows how to optimize your website so visitors are greeted with a responsive website no matter what device they use.

A Secure Website is Non-Negotiable

Data security is a concern for every person that uses the internet. Cyberthreats continue to climb. Your website needs to be built right in order to protect your information, as well as the data of your visitors.

P2 Marketing uses cutting-edge tactics and tools to create fast and secure websites, while avoiding costly outages.

Downtime is a company’s worst nightmare. Any time spent without connectivity is time wasted. We understand that the trucking industry operates 24/7. Your website needs to be able to reliably keep the same hours.

Why P2?

Today, P2’s full spectrum of in-house marketing services includes web and print design, web development, Internet marketing, search engine optimization (SEO), social media marketing, email marketing, copywriting and content creation, graphic design, and CRMs. At the end of the day, our goal is to guide you with your marketing efforts so that you can focus on what makes your business great. We have worked with some of the best and we cannot wait to work with you.


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