Compelling Web Design for the Restaurant Industry

Your internet presence needs a hub—and that’s your website. You can have the strongest social media presence in the world, but your customers aren’t going to get the essential information they need without an intuitive and beautiful website.

Your menu, location, and ethos all need to be easily accessible. P2 Marketing has the skills and experience needed to build, host, and maintain a website that sets you apart from your competition and drives sales.

Your Website is Your Face

Most of the visitors to your restaurant will do a little research on the internet before making the trip to your dining room. That first impression is going to color the way they view your company. Is that first look going to impress them?

An attractive website gives your visitors a reason to dig deeper in your offerings. They’re not going to glance at your menu if they’re turned off by your homepage. P2 Marketing’s design team knows how to put together a beautiful layout so visitors to your website become visitors to your restaurant.

Customers Need a Responsive Website

Mobile web traffic continues to grow every year. Ten years ago, mobile users accounted for a mere 6% of internet traffic. Today, that number has grown to 56% and is projected to continue taking a larger slice of the pie every year.

Is your website designed with mobile users in mind? P2 Marketing offers mobile-first designs that are responsive to every screen size. This means that it doesn’t matter if your website visitors are using a smartphone, tablet, or laptop—your website is going to look great. And when a potential guest is searching for their next meal, you want to be ready to present your restaurant in the best way possible.

Every Touch Feeds Into Your Brand

You’ve spent countless hours making sure everything looks exactly the way you want inside your restaurant—the decor, the signage, every aspect of the restaurant down to the color of the napkins. Every interaction your customers have with your brand feeds into the overall identity of your restaurant.

Your website is a major contributor to brand identity. Why take the time to build a beautiful experience inside your dining room if it’s not going to be reinforced online? An attractive website that functions smoothly shows your customers that you pay attention to the details.

Search Engine Traffic Makes or Breaks a Restaurant

Your customers aren’t the only ones that value a well-designed website. Google’s algorithm rewards websites that offer a great experience to their visitors. A properly designed website will know how to direct the customer experience, making it easier to find the information they want.

P2 Marketing is uniquely positioned to provide the support you need to get to the top of local search results. These coveted positions are rewarded with more visits. And for a restaurant, these visits directly translate to more sales.

Security and Reliability Require Continuous Maintenance

While it might be more fun to focus on the customer-facing aspects of the website, it’s essential to consider what’s going on behind the scenes. Data security and routine maintenance ensure your website is consistently active and accessible.

Downtime for a restaurant’s website leads to lost opportunities. Every minute your website isn’t working is a minute potential customers are directed to your competition. P2 Marketing offers continuous upkeep so your customers always have the information they need to visit your establishment.

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