Reliable Web Hosting & Support for Nashville Businesses

Your website is the centralized hub for your business’s online presence. Therefore, quick load times, data security, and reliable connectivity are non-negotiable for a modern website. Any failures in these considerations will result in lost visitors, lost opportunities, and lost revenue.

P2 Marketing doesn’t just build beautiful and functional websites; we also maintain them.

We offer reliable web hosting and ongoing support so you can trust your website will be there when you need it—which is all the time.

Full-Service Web Hosting

Reliable hosting allows you to focus on your business without worrying about constant connectivity for your website. P2 Marketing takes care of all the technical considerations on the back end so you can pay attention to what matters: your customers.

Web hosting relies on critical infrastructure to protect your website from hackers and outages. P2 Marketing offers best-in-class security, monthly maintenance, and in-house support.

You can expect top-tier hosting with services such as:

  • 30 minutes of free support each month
  • Nightly back-ups
  • Website + server security
  • Content Delivery Network (CDN)
  • Manage firewall
  • Security certificate (SSL)
  • Quarterly updates of plug-ins (if necessary)
  • Update of WordPress software (annually)

Private Shared Servers

Security is an essential consideration when putting anything on the internet. And something as important as your company’s website needs to be protected from every possible angle.

The server that hosts your website will impact its performance. P2 Marketing hosts your website on a private server, which increases your website’s security and speed. Think of it as a gated community, as opposed to a hotel. In addition, the private server offers strict control over access to your platform.

P2 Marketing doesn’t leave you on your own once the website is launched. Your website will be monitored for performance and security issues and frequently updated to ensure optimal performance.

Content Delivery Networks

Speed is vital to website visitors. Even a two-second delay in loading page content leads to more than a 4% loss in revenue per visitor. Content Delivery Networks (CDNs) offer improved load times, increased security, and reduced bandwidth costs.

P2 Marketing utilizes CDNs to optimize your website and ensure proper operation of your website even when traffic shoots off the charts.

CDNs work alongside P2 Marketing’s reliable web hosting to streamline your website’s performance. Utilizing both of these factors promises your visitors a great experience—which translates to repeat visits.

A Partner You Can Trust

Many top companies trust P2 Marketing to design, build and host their websites. But even if all you need are managed services like hosting and support, you need a reliable partner to watch your internet presence.

Your website is the difference between a potential customer finding you for the first time and remaining in obscurity. Any outage in service is going to reflect poorly upon your company.

Leveraging P2 Marketing’s robust infrastructure and support ensures your website will be just as reliable as you are.

WordPress Yearly Security Update

WordPress is an excellent platform for building your business’ website. In addition, P2 Marketing includes yearly security updates in our hosting and support package because ongoing maintenance is essential to managing a successful and secure website.

Updates will be made to your WordPress software yearly. The goal of this service is to avoid failures that might result from plug-in updates and ensure your website’s security.

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